Meet Oliver #1 and Max # 3.
Isn't this a cool picture of us with our friends at the beach
Hello, I am Murphy. You might have seen me on various greeting cards!
Mom sent this holiday picture to my friends at BHD
My name is Gina!I  I always feel so  pretty after i get groomed. I love my spa time at
Beverly Hills Dog
I am Little Bit. I was adopted by Mary and Tyler employees of Beverly Hills Dog
I love my new mommy and daddy and I am so happy they adopted me . I enjoy coming to work at Beverly Hills Dog along with my brother Copper.
My name is Sally. My mom sent in this cool picture for all my friends
at Beverly Hills Dog to enjoy! I play at Beverly Hills Dog so i have lots of doggy friends!
Our names are
Frankie and Isabella.
Our family owns Beneva Flowers. We are dressed up for the
Annual Halloween Party at
Beneva Flowers.
         We are biker dudes!
My name is Joy.
 I have won many contests for the cutest dog! 
My mommy,Sr. Judy,and all my friends at St Tomas More
are so proud of me!
Mommy and i want to wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving!
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