Dearest Peejay, Can't thank you  enough for being so nice, so caring, so loving and supportive. Without you- we could not have our Precious Wyn. That said and our lives are so much happier and complete. So thank you so very much. Love Bon, Jack and Wyn- 

To Everyone at Beverly Hills Dog,
Last week we brought our Rilee( a border collie) in to get groomed. We have never been happier with the service we received. The love and care they gave Rilee was the best we could have ever asked for, 
She looked amazing and smelled so 
amazing to!!!!!
Also it was great meeting Peejay the owner and to see the love she had for her clients. We are here from up north and we have found a great doggy daycare for Rilee while we enjoy the Florida  beaches. We will  be back soon! And we won't need to worry about where  Rilee is. 
Thanks so much for the wonderful service you give us pet owners.
Sincerely, Denny , Shari and Rilee
 from Michigan

Hi Peejay,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for opening your Beverly Hills Doggy Day Care in our neighborhood. As a professional I sometimes work long hours and feel bad about leaving my dog Barney a 5 year old Britney/beagle mix alone for such a long time. Although he is very capable of being alone for long periods, i know it must be boring for him and so i got the idea of bringing him to your wonderful facility. While Barney is extremely healthy, just like the rest of us he can use some additional exercise to help him slim down and i thought your doggy day care would be the place. Was I right! Not only does Barney absolutely love and look forward to going to your place a few times per week, he looks great. Since he has been going at least 3 times per week he has lost about 8 pounds, which is quite a bit for a medium sized dog, and his personality has really begun to shine!
In addition to loosing some weight, it is almost like he has become a puppy again. He is youthful and very playful, he plays with his toys and with me at home. It is almost like someone "taught" him how to play again. On top of everything, I no longer feel bad about leaving him when i have to work,I know he is taken care of and having the doggy time of his life! It is very humorous to think that your dog has a social life! But Barney does!
On behalf of Barney- Thank You  Peejay!
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 Dear Friends,
I am so excited about a wonderful new groomer / dog day care facility I have recently discovered I wanted to share it with you! Its called BEVERLY HILLS DOG. I was given a tour of this clean, beautifully maintained new business today and was extremely impressed. It's for small and medium sized dogs and is so well decorated and set up for our furry little friends, I wanted to stay and play! They have a special room for naps/quiet time with aromatherapy and separate 'quarters' for each dog. An indoor and outdoor exercise area with toys, water stations and places to rest. It's very nice.
I have taken our dog, Casey, to five different groomers in the area with mediocre results at best.
At BEVERLY HILLS DOG, they groom one dog at a time. It's quiet, relaxing and about the best situation I have seen for professional grooming. Upon picking up Casey today, she was completely relaxed and happy. That has never happened before. The groomer, Megan, followed my instructions for Casey's cut to the letter. Long story short? This business is worth checking out. Give Peejay, the owner, a call for a tour. She is located about 4 miles north off 41 on Bispham Road. There is a large American flag by a BP gas station, which seems to be closed.
Beverly Hills Dog is on your right as you turn RIGHT onto Bispham off 41.
Let me know what you think!
Warmest regards,
Karen, Casey's Mom

What the dogs are saying!
We just wanted to tell you that our brief stay at Beverly Hills Dog was really fun. AND, our hair-cuts are getting a lot of compliments from friends and neighbors. We'll be back in a couple of months when our hair gets too long, so make sure you save a place for us.
Thanks a lot,
Snow and Kohl

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From The Keller Family Dogs
Just wish to send out a special thank you to Peejay, Megan and the gang for supplying us with the most wonderful, safest,compassionate, funfilled doggy daycare ever to hit Sarasota! Ever since the first day we stepped foot into Beverly Hills Dog, we could not stop telling all our friends about it. Ms. Peejay and her group of gorgeous girls give the utmost care and attention to us. We visit for daycare at least once a week - that's three of us, Coco, Buddy and Sugie - and sometimes we bring family members along like Honey, Foxy, and Lady for grooming.and daycare playtime. We are always welcomed with our name on a special sign as we enter and always some sort of event or fun thing is happening at Beverly Hills Dog. I don't know how they do it but the attention love and care they give us is the best ever. Peejay or Megan will take the time to talk about our playtime and activities with our humans and share the fun day we had. When we visit Beverly Hills Dog, we never worry about our care - it is beyond excellent.
We are happy to be helping Beverly Hills Dog celebrate it's upcoming One Year Anniversary, THANK YOU  Peejay, Megan and the rest of the gang - We Love You!!!!
Coco, Buddy and Sugie Keller

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